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Innovation and Excellence

GDC Media is helping to bring about the inflight entertainment and internet services that link the global digital advertising ecosystem to an ad-supported inflight "connected" streaming network, with the introduction of 

Innovation IFE & IFC

Aero Vision offers airline passengers cost-free real-time live streaming on BYOD, including live sports, breaking news, shopping, listening, gaming, and internet browsing. Tailored for ultra-low-cost and low-cost carriers, it leverages a “digital device” first approach, ensuring no additional costs for airlines. This service aims to enhance the passenger experience by providing added value and convenience throughout their journey.

Ad-Supported Revenue Model

an ad-supported revenue model allows airlines to generate ancillary revenue based on local advertising rates. This model uses targeted ads within inflight entertainment and internet services, following a "controlled" access approach to limit competing off-flight services. For passengers preferring an ad-free experience or needing video conferencing capabilities, a pay-per-flight option is available. This dual approach maximises revenue opportunities while catering to diverse passenger preferences.

Benefits for Airlines

Revenue Generation:
Leverages an ad-supported model to create additional revenue streams.

Enhanced Passenger Experience:
Provides high-quality “channel” entertainment options like Live TV, Catch-up TV, AVoD and internet enriching e-commerce, messaging and the “connected” in-flight experience.

Targeted Advertising:
Uses advanced advertising technologies to enable more effective and relevant ads.


Ad-free and premium options available for passengers, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.


Collaborates with multiple connectivity partners to identify the most suitable supplier for your region, whether SATCOM or A2G. If no connectivity solution is available, the service works disconnected.

What We Stand For

Our mission is to enhance customer experience through premium channel content, create valuable advertising opportunities for brands, and generate significant ancillary revenues for airlines.


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